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day_night7 postcodes   speed_cams


NOTE: BMW Navigation Firmware Update V32 is a custom CD

(Camera alerts, Red-lights, Night mode and Full Postcodes, Splash screen POI’s)

Installation only takes 6 min – Full instructions with Help!

V32 NOT: supported by the iDrive navigation systems, Map disc will be supplied only.

This V32 is suitable for all Mk4 systems only.

(dual-layer discs can not read, if the firmware below v.31)

4-1/00 ( MK4) V31 – V32

Diagram for all the versions for mk 1 -4



Also e-mail for BMW navigation maps Australia

PICK A BMW NAVIGATION LOADING SCREEN Adding this extra is FREE mk4 + mk3




77 Responses

  1. Simon K says:

    I have the BMW Business CD in my 56 reg 120d M-Sport – which disc should i order? It only has a CD drive so didnt know if the DVD’s listed under BMW Road Map Europe Business 2015 would work?

  2. loiacono says:

    j ai une serie 3 gt 2015 la version 2015-2 est elle valable pour mon véhicule gps cic nbt

  3. Browndog says:

    Thanks Tony for helping us get our
    Sat nav working in our M3
    The service you offer is brilliant
    Would recommend you 100%
    Thanks Bev

  4. John W says:

    Smashing guy to deal with. First set of discs could not be read with my idrive system. Tony had an alternative set to me within 2 days (quicker if not for the weekend) and Bang! working like a charm.
    Thanks John

  5. Erald M says:

    Hi there, great product and super service. The entire package i got from you is great. Further thanks for the hidden Menu features which I was not aware of. Great job and thanks a million.

  6. ian says:

    i have bought a mini cooper with i drive and we seem to have no compatibility with the original mini sat nav disc have they upgraded the system and if so what disc is now required ???

  7. Tom L says:

    Fabulous, what a Great update it is! keep it up.

  8. paul thomas says:

    Thanks Tony for all your help in getting my Sat nav working, all is now perfect.

  9. Krystal says:

    Thank you for your fantastic service…

    DVDs arrived in good time with no problems, also like to add the work you did on this is great all colour now :))

  10. Steve says:

    I have an E39 with an SW 2-1/30. What upgrade do you recommend?

  11. Dubravko says:

    i am Dubravko from Croatia and i am owner BMW E39 2003 year model,i have mk4 navigation computer with 4-1/20 software and i wish upgrade my firmware with 4-1/00 software (including 3D view,night mode),do you have this software for my car and how many cost with shipping to Croatia? Witch language in your software support,i need GB,D and F for Europe.I dont need road map because i have new road map for Europe.I want chose logo but i dont know how to order logo because in logo picture no number for order,thank you for your answer.

    Best regards,Dubravko from Croatia

  12. niav says:

    Can you please tell me if the MK3 UK CD is TMC enabled (for UK)?

    • admin says:

      sorry took so long , the CD based lost the TMC in 2011. just no room to add the extra file system needed ..

      move a mk4 dvd drive into the same spot in the back and you can then get tmc back on 2014 , under OPTION 2

  13. Parm says:


    What would I need for a

    E83 X3 54 PLATE

    SAT NAV-


    SW 4-1/30

    Kind regards

    • admin says:

      Hi Parm,

      Loads of update for you :)


      ( you also get with this the version 32 CD)

  14. Apostolos Mitrakas says:

    I have firmware SW 4-1/02.> The card works but the name type, and the camera and the Aleart does not work.I’ve updated last year with my old card of 2011 the V32.

    • admin says:

      after v32 update you should have SW 41/01 . 41/02 is a custom, NOW YOU NEED TO DOWNGRADE AND USE THE RIGHT V32

  15. Cristian says:

    The car I purchased recently (2007 335d) came with 2010 maps with 7 digit postcodes DVD, however I cannot find option to introduce postcodes. Have been searching all navigation menus. If I purchase new 2012 maps DVD, am I likely to have the same problem?

  16. Gav says:

    Hi, DVDs say £20 but go to £25 on checkout.
    How do I change it to £20?

    Latest BMW Navigation Road Map Europe PROFESSIONAL 2012 CD/DVD

    (TMC,5 Digit, Postcode + Speed Cams)

    iDrive Professional dvd System: Multi-Language
    Compatible with the following BMW Cars:

  17. Paul says:

    Hi, I have a 2007 535D LCI with professional sat nav. I know I need the 2012 Professional disc, but do I need to update the firmware?



  18. Hanna says:

    YESTERDAY I ordered I paid for NAV FOR BMW X5 E53, as long as waiting for a consignment?

  19. Geoff says:


    Does the V32 software disk have audio camera alerts?

  20. Dan says:

    I have a 2004 (53 reg) BMW 320d with built-in sat nav. The map software is still original and won’t even allow for post code entry. Which software CD would I require to update the system to the latest edition and would this also include red light/speed cam locations? Also, would it change the interface of the maps?


  21. mike says:

    hi there i have a 2003 530d E60 with the business sat nav can i get full maps on it? and what disc do i need to buy from you?

  22. Darren Cattke says:


    I am purchasing a 2006 56 plate 525d MSport with Business Sat Nav. Can you recommend what upgrade i can purchase?

  23. Ed says:

    Hi There what upgrades are available for the DVD based sat nav in a 2004 BMW 645 ci please?

    • admin says:

      E63 6 630i, 630Ci, 645Ci, 650i, M6 2004 – Present
      Latest BMW Navigation Road Map Europe PROFESSIONAL 2012 CD/DVD

      (TMC,5 Digit, Postcode + Speed Cams)

      top paypal above :)

      iDrive Professional dvd System: Multi-Language
      Compatible with the following BMW Cars:

      1-series e81, e82, e87, e88 (2004-2008)
      3-series e90, e91, e92, e93 (2006-2008)
      5-series e60, e61 (2004-2008)
      6-series e63, e64 (2004-2008)

  24. clive says:

    2006 320d m sport with idrive. which disk do I need, mine is missing.


  25. Andy says:


    Regarding Bmw X3 navi upgrade

    Are also 3D maps incl in the upgrade?

  26. Stella B says:

    I have a 630 i sport June 2008 with the professional satnav. It has the idrive system. Which set of updates should I buy?

  27. mike says:

    Guys, my dvd high 2012 came with 2 software discs, 1 says V32 on it the other says New V32 on it.
    Whats the difference between them ??

    • admin says:

      The( new cd) is a mk4 modded version and the other is the original copy of the v32
      hope this helpDesigned by A Groves from BMW Navigation

  28. Laurence D says:

    I have a BMW X5 3.0 Sports Diesel with sat nav. Is it possible to update the software to enable use of postcodes and to advice of speed camera’s and red light camera’s?

  29. Andrew H says:

    Hi, I would like to upgrade a 2005 BMW M5 E60. pro sys to U.K. and europe, what do i require,

    rgds Andy

  30. g21jk says:

    Hi i have a BMW 320D M SPORT and have lost my Navigation CD, which one shall i buy?

  31. Rune says:

    I have a BMW 525 TD 2007 (with the 3.0 L engine and new transmission) with built in navi business. Is it possible to upgrade to Professional by merely buying the Professional navi DVD, or do I have to buy the new Business DVD?

    Best regards,


  32. Rakesh says:

    My BMW is an E90 (2006) 320D with I-Drive and GPS Professional (one of those with 2 drives: one is DVD drive for GPS DVD and other is CD drive for music).
    Can you please let me know which one I need and also does it come with instructions?

  33. Russ says:

    One last question if i get the high set for my cooper s 2006(early 2006) do i have to update firmwear as well?

  34. Steve says:

    Hi John, Could you let me know what the postage costs to Holland.
    Gr. Steve

  35. Ben says:

    Hi, I have a BMW 320d m sport with I drive and sat nab. This is a 2011. Which disc would I need to update? Thank you! Ben

    • admin says:

      you may well have the hard disk version as 2011 year, do you have a old Nav DVD inside ya nav?

    • admin says:

      Sorry ben your Right


      3 series

      316i, 318i&d, 320i&d, 320si, 323i&d, 325i&d, 328i, 330i&d, 335i&d, M3

      2005 – Present

      you need the business DVD set :)


  36. Matt says:

    Hi I have a 2008 1 series with I drive what disks do I need and can I get the speed camera updates?

  37. Graham Broad says:

    Hi – I have an X5 xdrive 40d M Sport E70 October 2010. The version says ‘101092.0.12 – Road Map Europe Premium 2010′ what disc do I need please and will camera and 5 or 7 digit postcodes be available?


  38. jahid samed says:

    hi i own a 2022 bmw convertible and i need my sat nav updates which copy do i need to buy please and also any other extra things i can bu

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